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To see Alex Shelbourne hesitate on the threshold of the adjoining room. I need some air, she announced. Don't stray too far, her mother told her. Alex made a point of walking past Ingrid, rolling her eyes as she did, like a truculent teenager. Which, Ingrid supposed, was exactly what she was. When the buy youtube views girl had left the room, Anthony Shelbourne cleared some space on an antique wooden bureau pushed up against the wall that divided the two rooms of the suite. Let's just get this paperwork finalized, shall we? Paperwork? The inspector explained earlier--we need to complete the forms for the repatriation of... of... He let out a long sobbing sigh. Dammit! We can't do that yet. There's the inquest. Then the final coroner's report. Yes, I know. But the detective said the matter could be expedited. You know, fast-tracked somehow. I want to get my baby home, Lisa Shelbourne said. I can't bear thinking of her lying in the morgue. In the dark and the cold. A colleague of mine will complete the appropriate forms with you, when the time comes. If you don't have the paperwork with you now, why are you here? Ingrid looked from Anthony to Lisa Shelbourne. She could hardly tell them about their daughter's ex-roommate's suions. She cleared her throat. In addition to the police investigation, the emby has to complete its own report. I'm here to gather a little background information-- Why? Is there some doubt about what happened? Mrs Shelbourne moved toward her. How could Ingrid answer? She didn't want to give Anthony Shelbourne a reason to hire his own investigator. It's just standard procedure, ma'am. Your questions will have to wait for another time. As you said earlier, we've had a very long day. My wife needs to rest. His cell phone lit up in his pocket. His wife glared at him, daring him to answer it. Ingrid backed out google of the room, promising to call the next day to arrange a more suitable time. Once safely outside in the hallway, she leaned a hand against the wall and took a moment to steady herself. Talking to grief-stricken families was the part of her job she dreaded most. It always had been. She recognized it always would be. She pushed away from the wall and walked down the hallway to the elevators, but when she reached them, decided a swift jog down the twenty or so flights of stairs to ground level would help shake some of the tension from her muscles. When she finally made it back onto the sidewalk, she found Alex Shelbourne standing by the main entrance, waiting for her. The girl stubbed out her cigarette on the ground, choosing to ignore the metal trash can right beside her. You know it's bull, buy youtube views right? Alex said, folding her arms across her chest. I'm sorry? How can they just swallow all that? Everything the policewoman said. They listened like a pair of morons, believing every line they were being fed. I'm not sure I understand-- The drugs? The drugs they say they found? I've youtube seen the toxicology report myself. The drugs were in your sister's bloodstream. I realize it must have come as a shock, for you all. Oh cut the . Someone, somewhere is spinning you a line. She reached into her pocket and retrieved her pack of cigarettes. She waved them at Ingrid. Lauren didn't even smoke. Not even a joint now and then, like any buy youtube views normal person. There is no way she would ever willingly take drugs. 19 Deciding to take her early morning run